About Us


We are dedicated to creating fun, interactive and creative games and projects, to engage gamers all around the world.

Our History

Mythicreation Studios is an independent game developer, the founder aspired to create a team of passionate individuals who could create fun high-quality games spanning several genres and platforms.

Our Vision

To become a world leader at connecting gamers through games and the internet.
Each successful release will set the bar higher for Mythicreation Studios, to become a household name in the gaming industry.


Our Projects

Games we have developed or currently developing.

Foody Word Paradise
Foody Word Paradise
Pet Force Quest: Space Shooter
Pet Force Quest
Dissension Online: First Light
Dissension Online
Rat Mansion: The Rat King’s Revenge
Rat Mansion

Latest News

Foody Word Paradise, Available now!

Foody Word Paradise, Available now! Find it on Google Play and App Store. Play Now: https://fwp.page.link/playnow Find us on your favorite social media sites:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mythicreation/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mythicreation/Twitter: https://twitter.com/mythicreation